New paper from Alberto Kornblihtt's group

Congratulations to Alberto Kornblihtt's group.
Their new paper has been recently published on-line in PNAS:

Organisation Team

To co-ordinate and oversee the activities of EURASNET and to monitor progress, a management structure has been put in place.

Inter Disciplinary Focus Meeting 'Mouse models for alternative splicing'

The goal of the IFM 'Mouse models for alternative splicing' will be to review the state-of-the-art in the generation of mouse models for addressing biological problems and provide examples of how t

RNA Society president 2009

Professor Reinhard Lührmann, co-ordinator of EURASNET, has been appointed president of the RNA Society for 2009.

Inter Disciplinary Focus Meeting "Deciphering the splicing code: the role of protein-RNA interactions"

Organisers: Eduardo Eyras (EURASNET member), Dirk Holste, Fred Allain (EURASNET member), Graziano Pesole, Rickard Sandberg

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Crossing frontiers: mobility between countries and sectors

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