Useful career development links

Crossing frontiers: mobility between countries and sectors

Here you can find useful links gathered by Carol Featherstone.

  • Moving between countries
  • Moving between disciplines
  • Moving between the academic and non-academic sectors
  • General
  • Preparing CVs and Résumés, Interviews and Interview Techniques
  • Returning after a Career Break
  • Sources of job ads

Moving between countries

European Commission Researchers’ Mobility Portal
All disciplines. Job offers. Fellowships and Grant information. Practical Info and Assistance.

EMBO Life Sciences Mobility Portal
Fellowships and Grants. Job vacancies. Funding deadlines by country. FP7 funding at a glance. Mobility stories, etc.

ELSO Career Development Committee pages
Funding, mentoring, student and postdoc organisations, advice for junior PIs, women in science, database of expert women.

Fogarty International Center Directory of Grants and Fellowships in the Global Health Sciences
Directory of Grants and Fellowships in the Global Health Sciences: Grants and Fellowships for Postdoctoral Researchers.

ERA-MORE European Network of Mobility Centres
Advice and assistance for researchers moving country with 200 centres in 32 countries.

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Moving between disciplines

HFSP: Cross-disciplinary Fellowships
Human Frontier Science Program Research Grants and Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships.

HFSP Journal
Frontiers of Interdisciplinary Research in the Life Sciences.

Chemical Biology Centre, London
Official webpages of a consortium of three of London’s most prestigious research centres: Imperial College London, the London Research Institute of Cancer Research UK and The Institute of Cancer Research.

Center for Theoretical Biological Physics, UC San Diego
The CTBP encompasses a broad spectrum of research and training activities at the forefront of the biology-physics interface.

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Moving between the academic and non-academic sectors

Science Careers
Jobs. Funding. Meetings and events. Career Development advice and articles.

Alternative Careers
Hundreds of case studies of scientists who have moved into alternative jobs.
Career magazine. Career snapshots. Careers fairs, etc.

ELSO Career events
Events at the annual meeting.

Society for Experimental Biology
Training and education workshops for academics and early-career scientists. Career management and development for early-career scientists.

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Careers Gateway
Job applications, self-assessment, CVs, letters of application.

EMBO Women in Science
Information and support from EMBO to encourage more women in science.

American Society for Cell Biology Career Pages
Resources to assist career development.

ELSO Database of Expert Women in the Molecular Life Sciences
Online database of women working in the molecular life sciences in Europe or who are European.

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Preparing CVs and Résumés, Interviews and Interview Techniques

See, for example, articles at:

Bradley CVs
CV tips, examples, cover letters, interview advice, etc.

Temporary and contract recruitment
Good tips on preparing cvs, interview techniques, sample questions.
CVs, résumés, cover letters, interviews, psychometric tests, career assessment.

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Returning after a Career Break

The Wellcome Trust Career Re-entry Fellowships
A scheme for postdoctoral scientists who have recently decided to recommence a scientific research career after a break of at least two years.

The Daphne Jackson Trust
Enables scientists, engineers and IT specialists to return to work after career breaks.

Institute of Physics: Career Breaks web pages
Surveys, case studies, help, links.

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Sources of job ads

For a full list, see the ELSO Career Development Committee.

Free sites

Academic jobs
A website for academic and research jobs in Europe.

Academic Job Exchange Board
The electronic job exchange board of the associations of assistants and doctoral students of the technological institutes of Zurich (AVETH) and Lausanne (ACIDE).

Association Bernard Gregory
The Association Bernard Gregory promotes the value of training through research to the non-academic world.

Career e-volution
The British Biochemical Society's free jobs site for life scientists worldwide.
Jobs in research, science and academic professions in the UK.

Job offerings by scientists for job seeking scientists.

Life Science jobs in Scotland, website managed and funded by Scottish Enterprise.

The RNA Society Employment and Careers page
Employment opportunities listed by The RNA Society.

Commercial sites
Advertises vacancies at companies and the CVs of job-seekers in the life science sector in the Netherlands. Also has labour market news articles.

Naturejobs (Worldwide).

NewScientist Jobs (Worldwide).

Sciencecareers (Worldwide)

Institute sites

Many institutes post their job offers. For example, EMBL Job Vacancies (Heidelberg, Grenoble, Hamburg, Hinxton, Monterotondo).

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