7th Special Interest Group meeting on Alternative Splicing (AS-SIG), July 9-10, 2010 in Boston, MA (US).

The AS-SIG2010 meeting is scheduled immediately before the ISMB2010 conference and will take place at the same location.

This year's topic is

1st Post-EURASNET Symposium

The 1st Post-EURASNET Symposium on “Regulation of Gene Expression through RNA Splicing” will be held in Trieste, Italy from 24-27 March 2012.

Two Postdoctoral positions

Gene Expression and Muscular Dystrophy lab, Division of Regenerative Medicine, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milano, Italy

Postdoctoral position

Starting date: January 2012

AS-SIG2011 meeting in Vienna

Dear Colleague,

Science Communication Award for trio HUGO

We are thrilled to announce that a musical trio HUGO, with Daniel Schümperli playing clarinet, was awarded Science Communication Award of the Swiss Society for Cell Biology Molecular Biology a

New paper from Professor Baralle's lab

Ayala, Y.M., De Conti, L., Avendaño-Vázquez, S.E., Dhir, A., Romano, M., D’Ambrogio, A., Tollervey, J., Ule, J., Baralle, M., Buratti, E., Baralle, F.E.

New paper from Angela Krämer lab

A new paper from Angela Krämer has just been published online (free access):

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