This area of the website is for members of the EURASNET NoE.
Here you can find and share information on Tools and Resources and the key laboratory techniques used by fellow EURASNET members.
You can also find a range of presentations in Teaching Materials that can be used or adapted for your own teaching needs and photographs from EURASNET events in Image Galleries.
EURASNET Annual Reports can also be downloaded here.
If you are considering engaging in commercial activity the Commercialisation Fact File (pdf file) written by Angus Lamond might be useful for you.
Here you can download information procedures for Staff exchange and training (WP17) (Word file) including participation of group members at intra-workpackage meetings and EURASNET workshops.
If you would like to submit details of new Tools and Resources, key techniques used in your laboratory, teaching presentations, photographs from EURASNET events or update your information on the EURASNET website please contact Dominika Lewandowska.