RNA Society president 2009

Professor Reinhard Lührmann, co-ordinator of EURASNET, has been appointed president of the RNA Society for 2009.

Fourth Annual Eurasnet Meeting, April 23-24 2009, Assisi, Italy

Organisers: Giuseppe Biamonti, IGM-CNR Pavia, Italy
Ian Eperon, Department of Biochemistry, Leicester, UK


You can see a new poster advertising EURASNET here

New papers from Professor Baralle's lab

Marcucci, R., Romano, M., Feiguin, F., O'Connell, M., Baralle, F.E. Dissecting the splicing mechanism of the Drosophila editing enzyme; dADAR. 2009. Nucleic Acids Res. (in press)

EURASNET newsletter

EURASNET publishes a newsletter to highlight the work of the network.

Sharing Science Movie

To celebrate the first year of its status, the Wellcome Trust Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression in Dundee headed by Professor Angus Lamond hosted a mini-Symposium and a pre

The New RNA WikiProject

A new RNA WikiProject, containing over 600 new Wikipedia articles describing families of noncoding RNAs based on the Rfam database has been formed.

Interdisciplinary Focus Meeting on Biophysical (RNA) Methods

Interdisciplinary Focus Meeting on Biophysical Methods Applied to RNA

EURASNET Workshop 4-5 December 2008
University of Aarhus

High-throughput technologies for the analysis of alternative splicing

Supported by Splired (Spanish network on transcriptomics) and EURASNET.

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