Groups involved in RNA diagnostics and therapy

One of the objectives of EURASNET is knowledge transfer by interacting with scientists involved in gene therapy strategies and the development of diagnostics in addressing diseases due to splicing or alternative splicing defects. This has been addressed by a number of EURASNET-organised international meetings.

Most recently, in March 2008, Diana Baralle organised a meeting, sponsored by EURASNET, of UK diagnostics labs to discuss approaches and application of RNA analysis of alternative splicing. In addition, EURASNET members have an important role as experts on splicing and alternative splicing in advising groups investigating approaches to disease therapy.

We have begun to identify these scientists so they can receive information on EURASNET events and meetings. For example, scientists in the UK are listed below.

UK RNA analysis group (NHS diagnostics)

Andrew Devereau
Andrew Wallace
Ann Curtis
Becky Treacy
Beth Young
Chris Mattocks
Ciaron McAnulty
Daniel Ellis
David Robinson
Diana Baralle 
Diana Eccles
Diane Beattie
Elizabeth Price
Emma Sach
Fiona MacDonald
Graham Taylor
Colin Graham
Helen White
Igor Vorechovsky
Jennifer Bentley
Jenny Bell
Louise Lavender
Michael Ladomery
Michael Yau
Neil Ebenezer
Rachael Birch
Rachel Butler
Rob Elles
Robert Brown
Rohan Taylor
Ruth Charlton
Sian Ellard
Stephen Abbs
Su Stenhouse
Thomas Cullup
Meena Upadhyaya
Zerrin Onadim

Muscular dystrophy exon skipping optimization and trial group

Professor G. Dickson
Dominic Wells
Professor F. Muntoni
Kate Bushby
Matthew Wood
Professor Gavin Screaton
Professor Shern Chew