Science Communication Award for trio HUGO

We are thrilled to announce that a musical trio HUGO, with Daniel Schümperli playing clarinet, was awarded Science Communication Award of the Swiss Society for Cell Biology Molecular Biology and Genetics (ZMG) 28. Januar 2011, USGEB Meeting 2011, Zürich «Imaging Life»


HUGO's central motivation is to merge science and music. What began in 1996 as a unique project, rapidly evolved into an extraordinary and successful trio. Under the title "HUGO hat Töne" Daniel Schümperli, Lukas Frey und Rudolf von Steiger, since 2001, have been transposing DNA codes and other types of genetic and biological data into music. The acronym HUGO was borrowed from the Human Genome Organisation, the large international research consortium, which, at the time, had just finished sequencing the entire human genome.