'RNA-protein interactions in pre-mRNA splicing' EURASNET practical course

A practical course organized by Juan Valcarcel and Veronica Raker in CRG Barcelona, will take place 20-24 July 2009.

This course is aimed at scientists who want to understand pre- mRNA splicing and its alterations at the molecular level. We will focus not only on the technical aspects of how to investigate this process but also on the theoretical background of RNA-protein interactions.

Experimental topics will include analyzing RNA-protein interactions, splicing pre-mRNA in vitro and in cell culture and determining target sites for RNA-binding proteins.

Invited speakers:

  • Eric Westhof
  • Jernej Ule
  • Bertrand Seraphin
  • Michael Sattler
  • Karla Neugebauer
  • Reinhard Lührmann

Participant number is limited to 16; course fee is 200E.

Applications should be sent before May 25th.

For more info, please visit the course website and see the course flyer.