Professor Reinhard Lührmann

Research Focus

Molecular machines in RNA processing, biochemistry and structural dynamics of spliceosomes, functional proteomics, mass spectrometry, regulation of mRNA splicing; structure, biogenesis and function of spliceosomal snRNPs; principles of RNA-protein recognition; X-ray structural analysis and kryo-electronmicroscopy of snRNPs and spliceosomal complexes; assembly and dynamics of structures involved in cytoplasmic mRNA degradation; structure and assembly of nucleolar RNPs (snoRNPs); nuclear transport.


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Key lab techniques: Purification and functional characterisation of spliceosomal complexes, structural and functional analysis of RNA, yeast genetics, electron cryomicroscopy, protein crystallisation, functional proteomics (mass spectrometry), Bio-reactors for continuous cell culture, RNAi.

Key lab reagents: Spliceosomal complexes, spliceosomal proteins, snRNPs, snRNAs, antibodies, HeLa cells, yeast, expressed proteins.

Interest in alternative splicing: Determine the composition of enhanceosomes assembled on different pre-mRNA substrates containing defined cis-acting regulatory elements. Elucidate qualitative and quantitative changes in the composition of spliceosomes formed under different physiological conditions, in different cell types and at different stages of the cell cycle.

Lab contact: Dr Berthold Kastner Phone: (+49 551) 201-1313.

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