Organisation Team

To co-ordinate and oversee the activities of EURASNET and to monitor progress, a management structure has been put in place.

Ultimate responsibility for the Network rests with the Steering Committee which liaises with the external Scientific Advisory Board.

The Steering Committee consists of:

  • Reinhard Lührmann
  • Stefan Stamm
  • Juan Valcárcel
  • Jean Beggs
  • Javier Caceres
  • Maria Carmo-Fonseca
  • Angus Lamond.

A Co-ordination Team, headed by Reinhard Lührmann (Göttingen) and assisted by two deputy coordinators, Stefan Stamm and Juan Valcárcel, is responsible for monitoring the progress for the Joint Programme of Activities.

Overall management, communication with the European Commission and financial/audit management is centralised in Göttingen.

EURASNET is supported by a scientific advisory board made up of eminent international scientists:

  • J. Dahlberg (University of Madison)
  • W. Filipowicz (Biozentrum Basel)
  • M. Garcia-Blanco (Duke University)
  • A. Krainer (Cold Spring Harbor L)
  • M. Rosbash (Brandeis University)
  • R. Singer (Albert Einstein College)
  • J. Steitz (Yale University).