Jean Beggs

Research Focus

My research group is studying pre mRNA splicing in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Prp8p, a U5 snRNP protein that interacts directly with the pre mRNA in spliceosomes, has been a focus of our research over many years. Prp8p is unusually large (280 kD) and both its size and sequence are conserved from yeast to man, suggesting that it plays a critical role in splicing. We recently showed that mutations in the C-terminus of Prp8 that cause Retinitis pigmentosa in humans, cause a defect in U5 snRNP maturation and splicing in yeast.

This type of Retinitis pigmentosa may therefore be a consequence of a splicing defect. We are also investigating links between transcription and splicing. I am co-ordinator of an EU-funded STREP "RiboSys" to investigate the systems biology of RNA metabolism in yeast.


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Key lab techniques: yeast in vitro splicing assays, quantitative PCR, chromatin immunoprecipitation, yeast intron micro-array, yeast two-hybrid screening, fluorescence microscopy with yeast.

Key lab reagents: yeast intron micro-array, Prp8p antisera, ChIp reagents for yeast.

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