Javier F. Caceres

Research Focus

Our laboratory studies different aspects of RNA processing, with a particular emphasis on alternative splicing regulation. We are particularly interested in the trans-acting factors that are involved in the regulation of alternative splicing, such as the SR proteins and hnRNP A/B type of proteins. These proteins have antagonistic activities and their molar ratio influence different modes of alternative splicing in vivo and may represent a mechanism for tissue-specific or developmental regulation of gene expression.

We also study the subcellular distribution of RNA processing factors and how this could be affected by extracellular signals. We have also demonstrated that a subset of SR proteins shuttle continuously from the nucleus to the cytoplasm, and are involved in translational regulation. Thus, shuttling SR proteins play multiple roles in the post-transcriptional expression of eukaryotic genes by coupling splicing and translation.

A combination of different methodologies is used in our research. We mostly rely on classical molecular biology and cellular biology techniques. Cell culture is widely used and we also are using two animal models, mice and the worm C.elegans.


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Key lab techniques: in vitro splicing, in vivo minigene analysis, two-hybrid screening, reporter gene construction, CLIP (UV cross-linking and immunoprecipitation), RNA interference in C.elegans.

Key lab reagents: expression cDNAs for splicing factors, splicing reporters.

Lab contact: Javier Caceres: Javier.Caceres@hgu.mrc.ac.uk

Lab website: http://www.hgu.mrc.ac.uk/Users/Javier.Caceres/