Henning Urlaub

Research Focus

Our group is interested in the investigation of protein–RNA interactions. We focus especially on the development of novel analytical techniques that enable us to identify hitherto unknown proteins in direct contact with RNA after UV cross-linking of native ribonucleoprotein (RNP) particles.

For the detection, determination and identification of spliceosomal proteins we are currently establishing new, improved and increasingly sensitive mass-spectrometric methods (MALDI and ESI) combined with chromatographic enrichment strategies. Recently, we succeeded in sequencing both the peptide and the RNA parts of isolated RNP cross-links solely by MALDI and ESI. The extremely low quantity of material needed for such analyses paves the way for the investigation of RNP complexes present in low abundance.

Our protein-analytical strategies and mass-spectrometric technologies are further applied to the study of post-translationally modified proteins in protein–RNA complexes and, importantly, for the elucidation of the stoichiometries and quantities of protein factors, especially those involved in alternative splicing.


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Key lab techniques: tRNA endonucleases; mouse mutagenesis; Cre-lox technology; Archaeaexpress; GPR 37 expression; Parkinson Disease.

Key lab reagents: Mouse mutants; EMMA collection.

Lab contact: Marcello Raspa: mraspa@emma.cnr.it