Christiane Branlant

Research Focus

Our lab has a long expertise on RNA and RNP structure-function analysis, especially, on spliceosomal UsnRNAs and UsnRNPs. This includes the study of post-transcriptional modifications in RNA and their biogenesis.

We are using HIV-1 RNA alternative splicing as a model to study the effect of pre-mRNA structure on alternative splicing. We developed an in cellulo system to investigate the effects of mutations in HIV-1 RNA on the relative utilisation of all splicing sites.

We demonstrated the involvement of RNA secondary structure on the interplay of splicing activators and inhibitors at two highly regulated acceptor sites of HIV-1 RNA (A3 and A7). This led to a new concept for 3' splice site regulation. We developed protocols for purification and characterisation of RNP complexes, formed at splicing sites, and are extending the analysis to human transcripts subjected to alternative splicing.


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Key lab techniques: RNP purification using tagged RNAs, RNA and RNP structure analysis in solution, by X-ray cristallography and by in silico modelisation, in vitro and in cellulo experiments for splicing analysis.

Key lab reagents: Constructs for the study of HIV-1 RNA splicing.

Lab contact: Christiane Branlant: