Announcing a new journal: Nucleus

In January 2010 Nucleus, the first international peer-reviewed journal of its kind focusing on the molecular organization and functions of the cell nucleus will be launched.

International PhD Program in Cellular and Molecular Biology in Milan, Italy

International Ph.D. Program/Dottorato di Ricerca in Cellular and Molecular Biology

Media workshop report

The First International EURASNET Conference on Alternative Splicing (21st - 23rd May 2008 in Krakow, Poland) featured a Media Workshop as well as Media Writing Contest.

Interdisciplinary Focus Meeting on Biophysical (RNA) Methods

Interdisciplinary Focus Meeting on Biophysical Methods Applied to RNA

EURASNET Workshop 4-5 December 2008
University of Aarhus

Inter Disciplinary Focus Meeting 'Mouse models for alternative splicing' report

The IFM on “Mouse models of alternative splicing” provided an overview of current state-of-the-art technologies for gene manipulation in mice as well as the application of these technol

Fourth Annual Eurasnet Meeting, April 23-24 2009, Assisi, Italy

Organisers: Giuseppe Biamonti, IGM-CNR Pavia, Italy
Ian Eperon, Department of Biochemistry, Leicester, UK

Past Meetings for Clinicians

Read reports of past meetings below.

New paper from Alberto Kornblihtt's group and a press article

Congratulations to Alberto Kornblihtt and his group on the publication of their newest paper:

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