Deficiency of the MCAD enzyme

Medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase (MCAD) is a mitochondrial enzyme that participates in the degradation of medium chain length fatty acids.

Fourth Annual Eurasnet Meeting, April 23-24 2009, Assisi, Italy

Meeting Location: 
Grand Hotel Assisi, Assisi (PG), Italy
Meeting date: 
23-24 April 2009

Organisers: Giuseppe Biamonti, IGM-CNR Pavia, Italy
Ian Eperon, Department of Biochemistry, Leicester, UK


You can see a new poster advertising EURASNET here

New papers from Professor Baralle's lab

Marcucci, R., Romano, M., Feiguin, F., O'Connell, M., Baralle, F.E. Dissecting the splicing mechanism of the Drosophila editing enzyme; dADAR. 2009. Nucleic Acids Res. (in press)

EURASNET newsletter

EURASNET publishes a newsletter to highlight the work of the network.

3rd EURASNET IFM on "Alternative and Aberrant Splicing in Neuromuscular and Neurodegenerative Processes"

Meeting Location: 
ICGEB Trieste, Italy
Meeting date: 
26-27 March 2009

The 3rd Interdisciplinary Focus Meeting on Mis-splicing and disease entitled "Alternative and Aberrant Splicing in Neuromuscular and Neurodegenerative processes" is going to be organised

Gene therapy approaches

Gene Therapy Approaches

What is gene therapy?

The saga of exon skipping : interviews

The saga of exon skipping : interviews

Pioneers of exon skipping convened at the Congress Myology 2008 organised by the French Association for the Fight against Myopathies (AFM).

New papers from Daniel Schumperli group

Two new papers from Daniel Schumperli lab have been recently published:

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