New paper from Alberto Kornblihtt's group

Congratulations to Alberto Kornblihtt's group.
Their new paper has been recently published on-line in PNAS:

Organisation Team

To co-ordinate and oversee the activities of EURASNET and to monitor progress, a management structure has been put in place.

Inter Disciplinary Focus Meeting 'Mouse models for alternative splicing'

Meeting Location: 
Assisi, Italy
Meeting date: 
22 April 2009

The goal of the IFM 'Mouse models for alternative splicing' will be to review the state-of-the-art in the generation of mouse models for addressing biological problems and provide examples of how t

RNA Society president 2009

Professor Reinhard Lührmann, co-ordinator of EURASNET, has been appointed president of the RNA Society for 2009.

Inter Disciplinary Focus Meeting "Deciphering the splicing code: the role of protein-RNA interactions"

Meeting Location: 
Stockholm, Sweden
Meeting date: 
27-28 June 2009

Organisers: Eduardo Eyras (EURASNET member), Dirk Holste, Fred Allain (EURASNET member), Graziano Pesole, Rickard Sandberg

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Crossing frontiers: mobility between countries and sectors

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