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A new RNA WikiProject, containing over 600 new Wikipedia articles describing families of noncoding RNAs based on the Rfam database has been formed.

Interdisciplinary Focus Meeting on Biophysical (RNA) Methods

Meeting Location: 
Aarhus, Denmark
Meeting date: 
4-5 December 2008

Interdisciplinary Focus Meeting on Biophysical Methods Applied to RNA

EURASNET Workshop 4-5 December 2008
University of Aarhus

High-throughput technologies for the analysis of alternative splicing

Meeting Location: 
Valencia, Spain
Meeting date: 
5-7 February 2009

Supported by Splired (Spanish network on transcriptomics) and EURASNET.

Post-doctoral position at The University of Kentucky

Job Location: 
Lexington, University of Kentucky, USA

Post doctoral position available

To study the role of snoRNAs in pre-mRNA processing.


EURASNET hosts a number of different meetings throughout the year and you can find details of forthcoming meetings be

Phosphorylated TDP-43 in frontotemporal lobar degeneration and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Hasegawa, M., Arai, T., Nonaka, T., Kametani, F., Yoshida, M., Hashizume, Y., Beach, T.G., Buratti, E., Baralle, F., Morita, M., Nakano, I., Oda, T., Tsuchiya, K., Akiyama, H. 2008.

Assistant Professors, the Department of Biology at the University of Kentucky, USA

As part of a bold move to expand research and education, the Department of Biology at the University of Kentucky is increasing the size of its faculty and graduate programs, particularly

Substances that change alternative splice site selection

The recognition of alternative exons is frequently subjected to regulation.

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