IFM meeting on microscopy

This meeting was held concurrently to the imaging meeting of the French Society of Cellular Biology. The meeting usually  has about 100 participants, and is aimed at students and post-docs. Rather than be focused on a particular topic or technique, it will provide a broad view of many microscopy techniques, including fluorescent, electron and atomic force microscopy. It covers both "basic" techniques (such as, confocal microscopy, deconvolution, time-lapse) and cutting-edge developments (such as, single molecule FRET, PALM).

The meeting had lectures from international speakers in the morning, and round-tables and workshops (practical sessions) in the afternoon. Round-tables are aimed at discussing practical problems encountered in various techniques.

Pratical sessions included confocal microscopy, multi-dimensional microscopy (3D x time x wavelength), bi-photon, TIRF (total internal reflection microscopy), FRET-FLIM (FRET by fluorescence lifetime imaging), FRAP and photoactivatable GFP, FCS (fluorescence correlation microscopy) and AFM (atomic force microscopy). The main microscope makers (including Zeiss and Nikon) brought some of their latest materials for this.

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